EPFL Excellence Fellowship 2018 in Switzerland



EPFL is a prestigious institute of technology, located in full view of the Alps, on the north side of Lake Geneva. From its foundation in 1853, EPFL has evolved into an internationally renowned institution that attracts some of the best intellects in the world. With state-of-the-art facilities, bright and motivated students, and outstanding faculty, EPFL’s reputation as a top-rate teaching and research institution continues to grow.
EPFL offers a limited number of fellowships at the Master’s level to students with outstanding academic records. Some of the fellowships are financed by EPFL directly and others through partnerships with foundations or companies.

Location: Switzerland


EXTERNAL applicants will get:

1. CHF 16’000 per academic year (split into monthly payments),
2. CHF 32’000 for a 2-years Master’s(120 credits)
3. CHF 24’000 for a 1 1/2 year Master’s (90 credit)
4. Reservation of a room in students accommodation.
5. Accommodation, tuition fees, visa fees, etc. must be paid by the fellowship’s holder.

INTERNAL applicants will get:

1. CHF 10’000 (split into 2 payments)
2. A certificate of excellence for the results obtained during their Bachelor’s.
3. Accommodation, tuition fees, visa fees, etc. must be paid by the fellowship’s holder.


1. The selection of candidates and the granting of the fellowships is done based solely on the evaluation of the academic records of the candidates.

2. Anyone applying to an EPFL Master’s Program is eligible.

Eligible Regions: Open for all

Application Deadline: April 30, 2018

Application Process:

Apply online through the given link.

https://master.epfl.ch/cms/site/master/lang/en/excellence-fellowships https://master.epfl.ch/cms/site/master/lang/en/excellence-fellowships