The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme for masters and PhD students in France


This programme was established by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development to enable French higher education establishments to for brilliant international students to enroll their PhD and master’s degree courses .This scholarship programme offers funding for PhD students to live 10 months in France through joint supervision or a joint direction of thesis ( 2nd year of the PhD will be preferred). This programme provides funding for master’s degree courses lasting between 12 and 36 months.

Host Institution(s):
Academic Institutions and French universities .

Level of study:
There are four majors fields for master’s degree programme or PhD programme which are given below .
2.Economics and management.
3. engineering sciences at Masters’ level, sciences in the broad sense for the Doctorate/PhD level (engineering science; exact sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences, nano and bio-technologies, Earth, space and environmental sciences, information sciences and technologies and communication).
4.Political sciences .

Target group:
This programme is for international students.
Scholarship value/inclusions/duration:
For Master’s level studies:
1.This scholarship programme gives a monthly allowance of €1,181.
2.It also includes a maintenance allowance of €1,031 and a monthly stipend of €150.
3.It can be awarded for 12 to 36 months.
For PhD level study:
1. Eiffel scholarship includes a monthly allowance of €1,400.
2.It is awarded for 10 months (maximum).
In addition, the programme meets various expenses including international return trip, social security cover, and cultural activities. Scholarship holders may also receive an additional housing allowance, under certain conditions.
Tuition fees are not covered by this Programme.

Eligibility for scholarship:
Eligibility:This programme is for non-French candidates.
Age:For master’level the age limit is 30 years and for Doctoral level the gae limit is 35 years.
Courses of study:This Scholarships are for those students wishing to enrol on a master’s course, including at an engineering school, and for PhD students.

Origin of applications: Only applications submitted by French educational establishments are accepted.

Combination with other scholarships:Foreign students who have achieved a French government scholarship under another programme are not eligible for this scholarship.

For Eiffel Master Scholarship:If any applicant was rejected then no new application will be accepted by that applicant.Those students who have already beed awarded scholarship can not be eligible for re-apply.

For Eiffel PhD Scholarship:Establishments may nominate a candidate who was previously awarded an Eiffel scholarship at master’s level for a scholarship at PhD level. Candidates who have already been awarded an Eiffel scholarship once during their PhD cannot be awarded it for a second time. No application will be accepted for any student who applied previously but was rejected.

Language skills:Establishments must make sure that candidates language skills meet the requirements of the relevant course of study.

Instructions for applicants:Applications for EIFFEL scholarships are submitted by French Higher Education Institutions.Applications are not accepted from students directly.It is important to read the Eiffel Programme Guide and visit the official website (link is given below) .

Deadline for applications:Before 12 January 2018 (annual).

Official Scholarship Website: